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The Perdition Dice are here!

RETROCITY / Into the Long Night works with the Perdition System.

It can be played with normal dice, D8 mainly, with additional D10 and D12 in special cases. But it works at its best with special dice, allowing players to identify the results of the roll with symbols instead of numbers. Also, it was an opportunity to put skulls on the dice, and I wouldn't miss that!

The Perdition Dice work very simply: A Dot is a success, a Wheel is an explosive success and the Skull is ... bad news!

I created these dice myself. It is a long process involving "master dice" to create silicone molds, resin and fancy creative decisions and chemistry, hours of curing time in a pressure pot, days of curing time out of the pot, and then sanding and polishing, face by face, die by die, for hours. Oh, and then painting the symbols.

Anyway, I guess I found a new hobby, but most importantly, I know have a bunch of ultimate dice that fit exactly the vision I had for this system. I hope you enjoy what you see.

This specific set is called the "River of Blood" set, inspired by the blood leaking on the asphalt of Retrocity's streets.

Prices on handmade sets, considering the time and energy invested, are going to be "by the window". So it will only be for collectors and probably be offered as a special pledge during the Kickstarter campaign. But there will be factory made sets of dice with the same symbols. Just ... not as precious as those.

Enough blabla, here is the first official full set of Perdition Dice:

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