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Updated: Feb 18

(Scroll down to download the pdf) UPDATE Feb 18th 2024

Well. I have a lot to say about this. A lot to write. To add. But the story is complete. Rewritten.

15 years later. The additional notes will be added at the end as a "Postface".

For example, the part where I reflect on how I feel about the character I depicted 15 years ago. I was 26 and writing about a man in his 40s. A rugged, broken man. But now that I am a 40+ broken man, I realize how much I didn't know at the time.

Or the note about the fact that all the elements I described in this book 15 years ago were prophetic. The book was published in French in 2011. And in the decade that followed, this book happened to me. Barely metaphorically. The merging with the tool of the craft, the blood, the loss, the embryo, the grief.

The inner death. The entropy. It's all in.

This is heavy for me, to rewrite a story that was mine when I had no idea it was yet to come. Written before it came true.

Anyway. This is it.

Memories of Retrocity.

Reborn. Truer than I wish it was.

. . .

This is a draft. Images will move a bit.

Texts will be re-read. There are some typos and mistakes left.

But this is pretty much it.

Download PDF • 163.02MB

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