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The Perdition System is still a work in progress.

Both versions (Dice or Cards) are available as a PDF for those of you who would like to contribute to the testing phase. 

If that's your case, you can shoot me a message at this address and I'll be happy to share the drafts with you!

You can also visit the PERDITION GAMES website to check on my upcoming projects!



RETROCITY Into the Long Night uses the Perdition System.

The Perdition System uses proven mechanics that many players are already familiar with.

It is a “pool” system. The more skilled you are, the more dice you roll, trying to beat a Target Number with each die in order to accumulate successes. Players use black D8, that can be upgraded to white D10 or red D12 in some situations.

The dice used for a typical roll are D8s.

The player rolls a Hand of dice. 

2D8 is the standard roll for an Officer that is not specially trained. It is the average amount of dice, by default, in the hand of the player. Depending of the Keywords the Officer may have, additional dice can be added to the player’s Hand.


After the roll is done, each die indicating a number equal or superior to 6 is a success.

Only one Success is necessary to perform the action. Any additional success increases the quality of the result.


D10 and D12 are used in specific situations. They are bonus dice with increased chances of success. The Perdition System also uses gauges, to quantify Tenacity, as well as stress.

Wounds are reported in a wound “wheel” that helps keeping tracks of the various physical states the Officers are in: Scratched, Bleeding or Dying.

As the stories are told and the games are played, the Officers might accumulate Corruption Points, leading to various ranks of Perdition. This Perdition process is the influence of the City, and this is what the Officers truly fight.

Additionally, RETROCITY Into the Long Night  also offers a system based on the use of traditional playing cards, using the same foundations than the dice  version.

In both versions, the Perdition System favors storytelling and roleplay. It is made to simulate the life of Officers facing their fate within the walls of a City that plays of their actions and tendencies to corrupt them. This process is called Perdition.

The Perdition System: Welcome
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