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The Heaviness of Combat

Perdition games, whether it is Retrocity or Curse, are not the wild-west. Players rarely find themselves in situations when they have to be faster than their opponents.

Instead, the system insist on decision making, and on the importance of the moment one decides to pull a trigger, aware (or not) of all the potential consequences.

The Gamemaster should play NPCs as realistic as possible. Even the toughest criminals hesitate to open fire on the police, because that would give the officers the full legal right to fire back! In the same spirit, the players in Retrocity must be aware of the consequences if their characters decide to open fire: filling up a report, potentially getting their career in jeopardy and obviously dealing with the psychological consequences of their actions. In game, killing someone, wether this is “justified” or not, gives 5 Corruption points to the character.

In Retrocity, when a player decides to open fire, the Gamemaster’s next question should be a serious “are you sure you want to do that?”, or a heavy “alright, this is happening!”

Perdition Games are not games where players run around killing and fighting with a smile on their faces because they are the heroes. They are games where the mood gets serious and the tension palpable when actual conflict happens, as it is rare and always full of heavy legal, moral and psychological consequences.

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