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Retrocity and Helmgast

We are proud to officially announce that Helmgast and Bastien Lecouffe Deharme are teaming up to bring the upcoming roleplaying game RETROCITY / Into the Long Night to life!

Blinking neon lights and cigarette smoke. Smell of whisky and gun powder. Mechanical bodies lying in the moonlight, and rain washing the blood away.

Set in a dark future heavily influenced by the 80’s, RETROCITY Into the Long Night is a roleplaying game created by author and illustrator Bastien Lecouffe Deharme based on his 2011 graphic novel Memories of Retrocity. A noir game of urban action and investigation in a dystopian American city of 2050. 

Players incarnate police officers, members of the prestigious unit called The Watch, going through their daily routines, within the walls of the tormented Retrocity: the city devouring the souls of its inhabitants.

Retrocity has a mystic, an inherent darkness. RETROCITYInto the Long Night is a haunted experience. Players embody individuals struggling with who they are, in a sinister city feeding on the inclines of mankind, figuratively and literally. Retrocity is an adult, and gritty game involving narrative tension, psychological violence, and existential struggle. It is a symbolic delirium and a dark metaphor.

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