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Perdition Dice!

The Perdition System is playable with regular dice (D8, D10 and D12), but it is also built to be playable with custom dice. I love a system that gives both options, and to be honest I just really wanted to have some cool dice with skulls and symbols to play my games. So I designed a couple symbols that will be featured on these dice: A Skull, some regular dots and a symbol I call the Circle Star. The Circle star is simply an "explosive success", and the Skull means bad business (the City influencing the actions of your character).

So the typical D8 of the perdition System will feature 1 skull, 2 dots (successes) and 1 Circle Star (explosive success). The rest of the sides would remain blank. Considering that most average rolls are made with 2D8 (or more if the characters are skilled) that gives them good odds of success! (No worries, not too good either ;) ) The D10 and D12 have better chances of success, but they come at a price for the characters!

The following are the first tests for the "master dice".

They are the ones that, once perfectly adjusted and polished, will be used to create the molds so I can start producing small batches of the Perdition Dice myself with resin and my own alchemy of red and black inks!

The masters have been created by Revel Broker, from my original designs. We worked together to get them exactly where I wanted. And I can not even begin to tell you how awesome Julia and Jason are to work with!

This is bloody exciting!

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