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DEFENSE / Sector 12

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Concrete and glass

Defense is cold. Made of concrete and glass. And it is so clean. No dirt, no trash. The glass walls and the sidewalks are washed and polished on a weekly basis by drones and men.

Defense is the main administrative sector of Zone 01. Full of very busy people with important responsibilities and no time to worry about you and I. They go to work in the morning, spat out by the mouths of the subway stations only to be swallowed again at the end of the day. They walk by us with their expensive attache-case and tailored suits, they drive by us in their self-driven cars, they rise high in their elevators, and they never see us. There is an overwhelming police presence in Defense, and yet, they never acknowledge us. But they are always happy to find us when they need us. So superior and yet so fragile.

Fog and emptiness

Teeming with dollar-people during the day, and yet so empty at night. In Defense, the one thing that never disappears is the fog. A bright white fog, catching the light of the shining neons, projected from the floor and the facades of the buildings. A system of vents has been installed to blow the fog away, but the results are insignificant. The fog seems to be coming from the Sector 01, in waves. It rolls between the tall buildings of Defense and slowly dissipate only to grow in density again shortly after. During the day, the fog is almost comforting, like an intimate veil smoothing the angles of concrete and glass. But at night, the mist and the heavy silence turn the empty streets into an uncanny scene. The rare citizen walking the streets at night are often spooked by the sound of their own steps echoing against the great buildings. And so we patrol.

The volt

Defense is kept clean and shiny for two reasons. First of all, the rich suitcase-people would not feel comfortable going to work if they had to make eye contact with the poor and the leftovers. And then, for security. This place is the volt of Retrocity. Kidnap a worker there, and you can ransom them for quite a pile of dollars. Or break a bank, hack a network, start shooting in a deluxe store … this is where the money is. Buildings have bullet proof translucent walls on the first floors to discourage criminal behaviors. Eyes are everywhere, cameras are set to identify a thousand faces every second. Even the trash containers in the streets are transparent to prevent any attempt at dissimulating explosive devices.

And to make sure that the place is kept safe at every hour, day and night, what could be better than the presence of the Retrocity Police Department Headquarters standing at the center of it?

The Nest and the Academy

Glorious, ominous, and contrasting in style with the bright and clean streets of Defense, the Nest is standing 40 stories tall at the core of Sector 12. It owes its name to the perpetual ballet of the Air Interceptors coming and going from its roof. Dark building of concrete and steel, the Police Headquarters is so busy and crowded with cops that most officers cannot help but see the irony in the nickname. It is the place that you always come back to. The safe place.

The Nest and the Academy are described in detail in a dedicated chapter (See page XXX)


To act superior, to think pragmatically, to profit

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